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FISHER PRICE * THE TOY WAGON. #171 I cannot document this one. THE TOY WAGON from 1942-1947 has ponies pulling the wagon, this one has an all wood gator. I wondered at first if this was an altered piece with the gator pulling the cart being added - but to me, the construction throughout indicates that this piece is intact and has not been altered...the green paint is the same color on the gator as it is on the wagon portion. My guess is that this is the original TOY WAGON and pre-dates the 1942 version - but that is just my guess and opinion. It is very very worn with pitting and chipping to the wood, fading and wear to the wood, peeling and rippling to the paper and has obviously been used outside to haul dirt in the wagon. There is a metal hook attached to the front axle that does not belong - someone with the proper tools could remove it without damaging the toy, but I did not try. It is very dirty and comes in found condition, as I stored it. There were obviously some eyes of some sort on the gator, as there are rub marks around the eye holes where there were eyes that are no longer there. Both sides of the wagon are marked with the early Fisher Price logo and the number 171. Pictures are accurate . The construction seems solid but it has been well played with. About 16 1/4" long, 4 3/4" wide, 6 3/4" tall.

Please email me if you would like additional photos. I have photos from all angles, but this website will allow only 2 photos per item.

This is from my personal toy collection and has been stored for about 30 years - needs to be cleaned...I did not attempt and will leave that to the new owner.

Please contact me with any questions. Thank you!